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Our Food

Our mission is to cook consistently high quality, tasty and healthy Mexican food and to provide it wherever our clients desire to enjoy it.  

Everything is prepared fresh and with a love for great food!  Taste and quality are of utmost importance so we use only the freshest produce, British meats, and imported herbs, spices and chillies. Most importantly, we freshly blend all of our own spice mixes, salsas and sauces making our food truly delicious. Our food is memorable for its use of traditional recipes, simple preparation, clean, crisp flavours, and rustic, uncomplicated presentation. 

We offer an efficient and personable service with a capacity and versatility to cater up to 2000 meals a day indoors or outdoors without compromising on quality. 

Mexican popular tradition tells the story of Juan Mendez wrapping tasty foods with large tortillas and selling them from the back of his donkey (the original mobile caterer).  He found success and soon people were looking for the “food of the burrito” or, roughly translated as “the food of the little donkey”. 

Traditional cooking techniques are the foundation of our kitchen (minus the donkeys!), as we individually wrap beautiful burritos flavoured with your selected fillings. 

Mexican Food is our passion and at Teabag Chihuahua we dedicate ourselves to: 

  • Blending our own spice mixes, 

  • Concocting our own special chilli and barbecue sauces, 

  • Hand sorting and selecting the best beans to prepare fresh daily, 

  • Dicing fresh sweet tomatoes and herbs for our salsas, 

  • Choosing the ripest, fresh avocados for our guacamole, 

  • Cooking fresh daily and without added fats in our chillies, rice or beans, 

  • Braising free-range British buffalo beef. 

Festival Menus 

We offer a number of Festival menus, all depending on what our festival partners request. The two main menu offerings are our “Traditional Mexican” and the “Latin American-Mexican” menus. Both are very popular across the country with all age ranges and demographics. Please see our download links below for further details.

Wedding or Party Menus 

Every menu is bespoke. We will customize our menus to suit you, and we are happy to mix and match items from our various menus.  If you don't see what you like, please ask.  We are happy to re-create favourite dishes you might have had on holiday in Mexico or the States. Note: Links auto download .pdf files 

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