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Have a look at this time-lapse video on Youtube. It shows almost an entire weekend of work in two minutes including setting up, cooking, serving and putting away the catering unit. 

Interested in working for us? 

  • Teabag Chihuahua Ltd. is a mobile event catering company. We operate three units under the trading names New Mexico Cantina, Santa Fe Catering and Teabag Chihuahua’s Street food Mexican.  We travel to music festivals primarily and sell a variety of meat and vegetarian foods to festival-goers, including burritos, nachos, chilli and buffalo burgers. 

  • We have been operating since 2001 and have built up a great reputation for our freshly prepared food, and friendly and efficient service. Our distinctive catering units make us easily recognizable and customers return again and again. 

  • Our teams consist of a diverse group of cooks, students, global travellers and individuals looking for a change in career and one that allows them to make money and enjoy themselves. Most of the staff earn a week’s wages in a long weekend enabling them to pursue other interests.  They enjoy spending a summer outdoors and not working the typical 9-5 routine. 

  • We operate a highly professional business. You will learn many skills that will enhance your resume and improve your performance at future jobs. Most of our staff return for multiple years, testament that we offer good wages (above industry standard) and a fun, yet professional, work environment. We demand a lot from our employees and give much in return! 

About the Work: 

  • Our season runs approximately from the mid-May/early June to the middle of September. We have a training week at the beginning of the season, easing into the bigger events.  Staff numbers vary, as some weekends are busier than others. Most staff work full time, though we do hire a few staff on a part time basis. Most of our work is during so-called “unsocial hours” – though really this couldn’t be further from the truth as the festivals are very sociable! We work most weekends during the summer with the length of the workweek varying from two to seven days depending on the length of the show.  

  • Travel to the shows is provided where possible, though you may also travel directly from home. Expenses are covered if you carpool. You are likely to find the travel easier if you have your own transport, but it’s not a game changer if you don’t. 

  • The size of the show dictates how large a crew you will be working with. Typically, you will be part of a team of 4-8 individuals. We expect everyone on the team to be willing to perform all tasks, including setting up and dismantling the units, serving, food preparation, cooking, and cleaning. 

  • Staff camping is provided behind the stall at most shows, and you are required to provide your own tent and sleeping bag. 

  • This is definitely not a 9-5 job and you should expect to work some quite varied and long hours, which are entirely dictated by the festival, the weather, and the number of hungry people. We are a very popular caterer at shows so we can be very busy for extended periods of time. During slow periods there may be no work so time off will be given to enjoy the event. 

  • If your primary interest is to party and see music you should buy your own ticket!  Slackers are not tolerated by the other hard-working staff and you will not get past the initial probation period. 

  • As an employee, you will need to complete an employment contract and provide us with your National Insurance details.  We do not pay cash-in-hand. 

  • You will need to complete a short course in basic Food Safety, Health and Hygiene. 

  • You can expect to earn a wage better than the industry standard and we do provide holiday pay.  Wage increases are given seasonally to individuals who are quick learners, execute skills efficiently, demonstrate a passion, competence and commitment for the work, accept responsibility, and behave maturely in a hedonistic festival environment. 

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly about this Job! 

The Good: 

  • Fun, sun, funky festivals & colourful memories!  

  • A diverse mix of shows with some of the world’s best music! 

  • You will usually receive at least one night off at most festivals to see some music or simply enjoy yourself – followed by a later start the following day! 

  • Real work, real responsibility, real wages, food you can be very proud to serve, very professional work experience, good references for future jobs, fair managers who actually work hard and play hard, a great team of highly motivated colleagues and lasting friendships. 

The Bad: 

  • Late nights, early mornings, sleep deprivation, rainy days, muddy feet, peeling onions, dirty dishes, endless queues of hungry punters. 

The Ugly: 

  • Festival toilets! 

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Work For Us Work For Us Work For Us Work For Us

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Teabag Chihuahua Ltd" Food Hygiene Rating
(FHRS (England, Wales, N.Ireland)
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